Welcome to Midlands region

FOCUS Zimbabwe Midlands Region covers all tertiary institutions in Gweru, Kwekwe and surrounding areas.  These institutions include Midlands State University, Kwekwe Polytechnic, Gweru Polytechnic, Mkoba Teachers’ College, Kaguvi vocational Training Centre and Mlezu Agricultural College.

The staff in Midlands Region comprises of three individuals; namely Nelson Vhukani who is serving FOCUS as Regional Director of Midlands Region, Blessing Katini serving at Mkoba Teachers’ College as Campus director and Emurai Chibika currently pursuing apprenticeship program in student ministry and serving as administrative secretary.

Our major activities

  • Bible Study

We equip students and graduates with skills to study the bible, interpret it and apply it in their lives. Ultimately we aim at producing a student whose worldview and values in life are shaped by God’s word.

  • Evangelism and Discipleship-

We equip students and graduates with skills to fulfil the great commission. We train and model students to one-on-one evangelism and bible reading.

  • Leadership Formation

We equip students and graduates to become a new generation of servant leaders of biblical integrity for Zimbabwe as they come to faith in Christ and discover their potential within God’s plans and purposes for their lives. We train both CU Committees, SRCs in Colleges and young-man and women who want to join gospel work full-time.

Our major events

Mid-Year Conferences and National Conference-

In June/July we run mid-year camps based on a theme chosen by the Staff together with the regional committees. In September /October we send our students to national conference that brings all students together for fellowship and training. Every odd year the conference runs as a Leadership Conference and every even year it is a Missions Conference.

Upcoming events

Mid-year Conference

Our conference will be held on the 14th day of June to the 16th day of June at Baptist Conference Centre, Gweru.  This conference brings together all Christian Union students in Universities and colleges in the Midlands Region at the same time assisting students to know more about Christ at more individual level.


We are anticipating to carry out a mission trip on the 28th to 30th June, 2019 where we will be doing evangelism with students and pastors to equip students so that they will be able to lead their fellow colleagues about their personal faith.