Nelson Vhukani

Nelson Vhukani

Administration Director
  • Gweru Zimbabwe

Nelson Vhukani

Nelson and Tatenda got married in 2016, two years after Nelson completed his theological training at George Whitefield College in Cape Town South Africa (2010-2013). Since completing his studies Nelson has been working for FOCUS Zimbabwe. Their first baby girl Mayah is 9 months old.

Nelson is driven by the strong conviction to reach Zimbabwe for Christ through university and college students. University and college come at a critical stage in life, where young students decide who they want to be under God. Through these students FOCUS has the unique opportunity to reach out to the various communities to which they will return. Hence the mission: transforming Zimbabwe by the Gospel one student at a time!

There are many lies being spread around by false teachers. It is crucial for Nelson to preach the Gospel faithfully and make the Lord Jesus Christ known amongst University students. To this end we labour and strive.

For the next few years, under God, Nelson will be re-establishing FOCUS ministry in Gweru.

Nelson and Tatenda enjoys watching premier soccer league and their favourite team is Man City.

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