Weekly Prayer Guide 3

1) Pray that we can trust the words of Jesus, to be with us till the end of ages and that these words can give us a firm hope to build our lives on.

2) Ask God to strengthen us to faithfully proclaim the words of Jesus with everything so that more people would hear the words of Jesus and build their
lives on these words.

3) Pray that we will be able to grasp the hard truth that trials are to be faced with joyful understanding not to be surprised by them. Knowing that God allows trials to strengthen us.

4) Ask God that in our CU App groups we help each other to love the words of Jesus and to see how we can put them into practice.

5) Ask God that our weekly devotion series be places where we speak the truth in love, caring and loving one another even in these difficult times.

6) Pray for our friends who haven’t received Christ yet, that we have opportunities to share with them about Jesus and about God’s love. 
Midia Nzvenga

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